Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cleaning can really make a mess!

I'm taking a break from cleaning right now. Brooke is having a party this weekend and I'd like for her friends to think the house is always spotless! Because we all know that at the end of the day the last thing on my mind is~ did I throw the stack of junk mail away or is it in that huge pile on the table by the book shelf. It doesn't bother me to have my friends come over and see my house because everyone has some clutter, but there are going to be parents that I know will walk out and the only thing they will remember about my house is that heaping pile of old homework, mail, catalogs from xmas last year, etc....So today is the day for sitting down and going through every piece of paper that I've neglected for about a year! Keep in mind I have 3 children that have an opinion about everything they see me putting in the garbage stack. I can't keep every single math worksheet they bring home. I have been at this for hours, and I've found some cool stuff that I forgot I even lost! I was surprised to see our cats registration papers because I could swear I had actually put them in with things I NEED to fill out and send in. Our cat is almost a year old so you can see I wasn't in a hurry to get that taken care of. The worst part about this cleaning project is the mess that it has created! My living room floor is covered in stacks of things that I need to keep for some silly reason. I need more organization in my life! I am a pack rat. Why do I need to keep sale coupons for a store that I've never been to, and will never go to? Trust me, I've got coupons....just in case. I could just throw everything away since I haven't even looked at the stuff in months, but then I might not find that card from my Grandma Cantrell from xmas last year. I just found it a few minutes ago, and that's when I had to take a break. She just passed away this year. I still miss her so much. Finding that card was worth all the mess that I still have to deal with. Now I guess I should get back to the mess because it won't clean itself.

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