Monday, December 29, 2008

New to this!

I have to say that I am so glad Christmas is over! It was very hard keeping the girls out of the gifts that were wrapped and waiting under the tree. My 10 year old, Brooke, tried to open everything and re-tape it without me finding out. I told her I was once young and did the same thing. She thinks I don't know these tricks. I can always count on her sisters to tell me what she's doing because they can't keep a secret for more than 2 minutes. Now we are starting the second week of winter break from school and I am already hearing them say that they are bored. They promised after opening all their gifts that I wouldn't hear them wine about being bored, but that was too good to be true. I always enjoyed being out of school for Christmas when I was young and don't think I ever said I was bored. My children do not enjoy just relaxing around the house all day like I do. They want to GO somewhere all the time. I can't wait for them to go back to school next week. Rachel is in kindergarten, Kelsey is in 3rd, and Brooke is in 5th grade and they really need to be busy all the time or they drive each other crazy. Somedays it's like they can't even be in the same room with each other without fighting. I always had this dream of my girls being best friends, and playing together all day without any problems....boy was I wrong. They are all so different from one another and they never want to play the same thing. I'm off to bed now to try to get some sleep. Lately I've had a bad case of insomnia, but that's a blog all in its self! Goodnight.

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  1. Sister!!! yay!! I am so glad you started this, I just think it is much more personal than myspace etc. So did you go to IL at all for Christmas? I haven't been back in almost 4 years can you believe it!? my dream is to win the lotto and fly everyone out here-except for Jim and Janet who never leave Sandwich- so you can all see where I get to live! I love the pictures of the girls, wow do they look like you! this is a long comment....but I am so glad to read up on your thoughts and life :)
    Love you!!


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