Monday, September 17, 2012

Daughters...please don't grow up too fast!

It's been a great weekend. The kids had a blast at Ron's company picnic, and then the LaPorte Sunflower festival. I'm nervous for Kelsey's school day tomorrow. She made a short film with 6 of her friends last week to show her class about anti bullying. I'm so proud of her & her friends on the work that they have done. Brooke's boyfriend, Tyler Rose, did a super awesome job editing the film. He is very talented & made it look flawless. I can't wait to hear the feedback from the teacher & students. Kelsey & Rachel are always making little short movies with the cats & rabbits. They love my tiny Sony Webbie video recorder. It's so cool to see their creativity & hear their voices when they are just acting silly & aren't in front of Ron or I. Brooke is going to be starting Drivers Ed sooner than I was expecting. We found out that due to my medical condition & disability she can get her drivers license almost a year earlier. I hate having a brain disease that is making it hard to get around but she was very excited at the idea of getting to drive before her friends. I lived in Mississippi when I was getting my license and during that time you only had to be 15 in that state to get it & I think its kind of cool that she is going to follow in my foot steps. She really wants a Camaro, Challenger or Mustang. I'm sure since she is Daddy's Girl he would get her any one of those but I'm not ok with her having that much horse power. Plus winters in this state are like living in the North Pole. I wish she would look at SUV's but she doesn't want anything big. I just can't believe our daughter is old enough to start looking at cars. I still remember our first ultrasound pictures of her & she was just a little tiny peanut. She has made Ron & I so proud over the past 15 years. I need to have family pictures taken soon before she is graduating & off to college. Time is flying by so fast & for just awhile I wish it would slow down. When Brooke was talking about moving away for school that's when it hit me that someday the children we do everything for are going to move out. Rachel has promised to stay at home forever, lol, but she is only 9 & I'm sure that will change once she is a teenager. I am going to make a point to slow down & cherish every little thing these precious girls do because it all seems to be passing by so quickly.

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