Sunday, June 3, 2012

School's Out for Summer

So the children have made it through another school year with amazing grades. Rachel has had straight A's all through kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and finally 3rd grade. I can't believe my youngest will be in 4th grade in August. Kelsey will be in 7th and is excited to have Kesling Middle School all to herself as her sister Brooke will be starting high school in the fall. Time really does fly by faster and faster ever year. I have never been more proud of these 3 girls. They amaze me every day. I am so happy to spend the summer at Lake Michigan & also going on vacations with the entire family. I've told the kids that they are very lucky to spend the summer with a mom who doesn't work so they can go to the beach, the park, out for lunch, and shopping. They don't realize some kids have to go to a babysitter or are left home alone to take care of themselves since alot of parents have to work. I am so happy to have a husband who is not only a great provider but also loves to spend time with his children. So many parents work and then don't make time for their kids when they are home. They are too busy with their own sports, or running around without their children. I am so lucky that Ron enjoys doing things with all of us as a family. I thank God everyday for him & the children we have.  This summer is going to be full of adventures and traveling to places we have never been before. I can't wait, but I'm sure it will fly by so fast and before I know it it will be August. I hope everyone has a great summer no matter what you are doing and remember that the most important thing is quality time together as a family.

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